BS Capilar
  • Experience and Interface

UI Website Redesign

A client who belongs to the hair surgery sector. A very competitive sector aimed mainly at men. One of the points that makes the difference between one service or another is mainly the price, but the experience plays a fundamental role.

The main objective was to design and create a new, more functional site, focused on capturing more leads in a simpler way and with a visual aesthetic that denoted the quality and luxury of the service to be received.

With that premise, I chose to create a modular pattern with a range of colors based on whites, grays and blacks. In addition to incorporating elements with straight edges, without rounding.

With the interpretations made thanks to the briefing. The result obtained was a completely differentiating and groundbreaking new website. With a strong style and with the focus on allowing new leads to be captured with clear messages and structures.

Images play a fundamental role in design. That is why its treatment and choice were very careful with the aim of creating an insight in the final consumer.

Mega menu as an added element to add a more visual component to the usual informational menus with only text.