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Healthcare Design APP

Health care is one of the most complex industries to work or achieve goals. In this project we have the main task to create something more easy and visual to use.

The final user was the professionals of Pediatrics. They had a very extensive Pediatrics manual with 2432 pages. They usually use it in their medical consultations. But they don’t have time to go through entire pages.

So the main goal was to create and design something useful for them, easier to read and with some features to help them find what they wanted quickly.

The main challenge was to create a functional, visually attractive and useful application for paediatricians. As a result, we obtained this design based on organic shapes and bright colors to give dynamism and combat the monotony of a manual of more than 2,000 pages with text and graphics.

As a result, we obtained a functional app, with predictive searches and dynamic interfaces that change according to the doctor’s preferences. A dynamic search engine by pathology, emergency or medicine. A section of saved resources where you can consult the most common. The ability to highlight sections of the text and save them, etc.